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Adam PW Smith's video for Polka Never Dies, shot on location in Poland, July 2011


"Smith’s account is witty and observant."

- Tom Harrison [The Province]

"An oddly touching and eye-opening look at life near the bottom of the rock and roll food chain."

- Jon Siddall [CBC Radio]

“His wry commentary, accompanied by a wealth of atmospheric photos, offers a rare glimpse into the deprivations - and depredations - of a touring band on the lower end of the music industry food chain.”

- Tom Robinson [Musician /BBC Radio]

"If you want a window into our lives, this book is it. I couldn't get through more than one page of this book without bursting into laughter. It is hilarious, candid, beautiful and REAL."

- Billy the Kid [Musician]

It’s finally here!

Adam PW Smith’s first book. 150 pages of stories and photographs from The Dreadnoughts’ first European tour.

Before five star hotels and personal jets, before regular hotels and economy class seats, even before
Motel 6 and tour buses, there is the "tour van". The mobile circus that serves as transportation, bunk bed, dinner table, and rec room for hundreds of hungry young musicians.

In 2009, music photographer Adam PW Smith flew to England to spend a week touring with the
Vancouver-based celtic-gypsy-polka-cider-punk band The Dreadnoughts in the middle of their first European tour. Smith was in the thick of it, suffering all the standard indignities but one. The result
is a book that reveals much about life as a young, touring band who bring real meaning back to the
DIY ethic, and a few things about what it's like to be a 43 year old trying to survive in that environment.

This Place Is Awesome is Smith’s first book. Packed with comical stories, insightful reflections, and
a selection of his highly-regarded photographs, it brings new perspective and a splash of cold reality
to the rock bio/tour diary genre.