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I am always on the lookout for interesting performances and performers, and welcome inquiries from artists.

My work is a non-commercial artistic expression. The photos on this site and the accompanying photoblog were taken with the artists' permission and without financial compensation.

Typically, I approach an artist or band who I think would make good subjects and ask if I may take some pictures doing their performance. The best photos are exhibited online on this Website and/or the photoblog. I also present photos at public exhibitions around the Vancouver area.

Prints of these or any of my photos can be obtained by the artists. Please contact me.

All photos on this site and the accompanying photoblog are copyright Adam PW Smith.

I am frequently asked by the subjects of my photos if they can use the photos also. As a rule of thumb, I am happy to allow my photos to be used, without charge, on artists' Web sites and MySpace pages. Some simple conditions apply and you must contact me before using any photos. This offer is extended to the subjects of the photos - any other parties must contact me to discuss their needs. Use of these photos on other Web sites or for any other purposes without my expression permission is strictly forbidden, illegal, irresponsible, and sneaky.

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Gallows - Vans Warped Tour, Vancouver 2006
Gallows - Vans Warped Tour, Vancouver 2006  photo©2006 Adam PW Smith